3 Reasons To Consider A Whitewater Rafting Expedition

Posted on: 10 June 2016

One of the most interesting and unique ways to partake in whitewater rafting is to consider a rafting expedition that can sometimes last up to several weeks. These expeditions are able to to take you along sections of many rivers that you may not otherwise be able to experience due to how remote they are. Listed below are three reasons to consider going on a whitewater rafting expedition.


One of the issues that many people have with longer outdoor vacations is that their comfort will be greatly compromised. While it is true that many whitewater tours and expeditions have the option to allow you to camp out in primitive and basic accommodations, they also offer more comfortable and expansive options for those who want to be able to completely relax after a long day of rafting. These options will often include larger tents, shower units, professionally cooked meals, and toilets at sites all along the route of your trip.

Multiple Interests

A big reason to consider a whitewater rafting expedition is that the expedition will often be able to appeal to multiple interests. This is useful as you can enjoy utilizing the rafts to get from campsite to campsite throughout the trip while also taking breaks to appreciate other aspects of the wilderness, such as fishing or observing elusive wildlife that would rarely make an appearance near the more popular or accessible rivers. 

Another interest that is often paired with whitewater rafting expeditions is astronomy, mostly due to the fact that once you are as far out in the wilderness as many expeditions go, the stars are far more visible. This portion of the rafting trip will include the guide pointing out constellations and sharing various stories, myths, and legends about the stars or constellations. The fact that these expeditions can accommodate so many interests can help make this a trip that can appeal to your whole family, not just the rafting enthusiasts.


Finally, a whitewater rafting expedition is one of the best ways to travel deep into the wilderness while still being as safe as possible. Not only will the rafting guide ensure that you are trained and equipped well enough for the types of rapids that you will encounter, but he or she will also know how to avoid any potentially dangerous wildlife and be trained in basic first aid in the event that you are injured on the trip.

Contact a whitewater rafting service like Andy and Bax in order to discuss the types of expeditions that they offer and to find the best one for you. These expeditions are a great option that can provide comfortable accommodations and appeal to multiple interests while also ensuring the safety of everyone on the expedition.