5 Bowling Supplies That Will Help You Step Up Your Game

Posted on: 13 July 2017

If you have recently started bowling, and you want to step up your game from being a casual bowler to being a more serious bowler, here are five bowling supplies you are going to want to invest in that will help you step up your bowling game:

#1 Skin Patches

If you want to start bowling multiple times a week, all of that bowling may take a tool on your hands. Bowling excessively can cause blisters to develop on your hands if you have sensitive hands or if you bowl extensively in a short period of time.

A skin patch is a get out of jail free card when you get a blister on your hands due to bowling. A skin patch can be put on top of a blister. It will help the blister heal faster and it will allow you to continue to bowl as your blister heals.

#2 Grip Tape

When you start bowling more, you are going to find out that bowling effectively is all about having a great grip. A great grip can be achieved by using grip tape. Many professional and serious bowlers will apply grip tape around their thumbs when they bowl. Grip tape on your thumb is supposed to allow you to release your bowl more smoothly. You'll want to get a few rolls for your bowling bag, as you can go through this supply quickly if you bowl a couple of times a week.  

#3 Grip Sac

Another way to improve your grip on the bowl is with a grip sac. A grip sac is a small sac that a bowler can pick up and squeeze. By squeezing the grip sac, moisture and sweat that accumulates on your hand as you bowl will be removed. This is great if you suffer from sweaty palms, as the grip sac will dry off your hands, allowing you to maintain a better grip on your bowling ball.

#4 Bowling Towel

Part of maintaining your grip is about keeping your bowl clean as well. A nice bowling towel can allow you to wipe down your ball as you are bowling. This is a great tool to have because grease from your hand can transfer onto your ball over time. As grease accumulates on your ball, it can cause your bowl to not roll as smoothly as possible. A bowling towel will help you clean your ball and polish it as well.

#5 Shoe Brush

Finally, when you start bowling seriously, you will notice how important your shoes are to your game. A shoe brush is a great way to clean the bottom of your shoes. This will help keep your bowling shoes nice and clean so that they slide when you correctly and don't get stuck on the floor.

If you want to up your bowling game, you should add the five items above to your supply kit for bowling. Contact a company like Lincoln Saltdogs Baseball for more information and assistance.