Plan An 80's Themed Party

Posted on: 30 September 2017

If you grew up in the 1980s and are going to be throwing an 80s theme party at your home and would like to provide your guests with a walk back in time while enjoying dancing, music, and food, the ideas listed below can help you orchestrate an original and entertaining extravaganza:

Take Break Dance Lessons And Perform For Guests

Visit a dance studio that offers break dance lessons and sign up for a membership. During lessons, you will be able to watch a live demonstrator and can mimic their moves without feeling embarrassed about acquaintances watching you learn the steps necessary. Bring along a mat with you to each lesson so that you can perform floor exercises that will help stretch your muscles prior to each break dancing session.

As you grow accustomed to the moves, your confidence will rise. On the day of the 80's party, don stylish garb from back in the day and play one of your favorite tunes on a portable tape cassette deck. Begin performing some of the moves you have mastered and encourage your guests to join you if they feel up to it.

Hire A DJ And Create A Dance Floor Outlined With Lights

When preparing invitations for the social gathering, write on each invitation that you will be offering music and a dance floor, as well as black light tubes and neon-colored lighting so that brightly-colored garments will stand out while everyone is dancing. This additional information may encourage your guests to wear clothing that they used to be fond of when they were growing up.

If the party is being held indoors, remove furnishings from the room you have chosen to use and place a row of folding chairs around the perimeter of the room. Designate a corner of the room for the disc jockey who you hire to set up their equipment. Rope off the outline of the dance floor and install lighting so that it is aimed towards the central part of the dance floor. 

Reminisce With Friends While Dining

Prepare trays of finger foods and arrange them on a counter in your kitchen. Place a serving cart next to the food items so that you can load the cart up with the food and push the trays into a dining area where your guests are seated. Use a few patio tables and folding chairs to create a basic dining area in your den or living room. While guests are enjoying the food items, speak to one another about years gone by and fond memories that each of you have.