Custom Medal Ideas For Your Volunteer-Supported Sports Organization

Posted on: 15 October 2017

Anyone who runs a sports organization with a large team of volunteers knows that these unpaid individuals are critical to the organization's success. If you find yourself relying heavily on volunteers, one way to recognize them is with custom medals. Even if you don't have the funds to actually pay the volunteers, you can partner up with a custom medal company to produce some medals that you can hand out to those who are making a real difference for your organization. While a general "Thank You" medal for each volunteer is a good idea, here are some other custom medals to consider:

Most Miles Logged

In many cases, you'll have a volunteer who spends a significant amount of his or her time traveling to help out the cause. For example, if you might have a parent of a young athlete who owns a minivan, and he or she routinely volunteers to drive players from the team to practices, games, and even tournaments. It can be fun to recognize this work that they've done with a medal that features the words "Most Miles Logged."

Most Time Invested

In virtually every volunteer-supported organization, there are a few individuals who noticeably invest more time in the cause than others. These people may be present at every function, getting there early and staying late, as well as spend time at home working on projects, recruiting, answering emails, and performing other services for the betterment of the organization. It's important to recognize their contributions, and making up custom medals with the words "Most Time Invested" can be one way to accomplish this goal.

Thankless Task Accomplisher

Your organization may have a number of tasks that few people want to do, but that need to get done. One example of such a task might be cold-calling people to raise money over the phone — this is an integral part of fundraising for many youth sports organizations, but few people like the idea of sitting down at the phone, calling strangers, and asking for money. If you have volunteers who are consistently happy to take on the tasks that other people shy away from or even make excuses to avoid, make sure to recognize them. A custom medal designed around the phrase "Thankless Task Accomplisher" sends a clear message that these people are always there to do what is necessary for the good of the organization, even if the task isn't desirable.