Four Things You Absolutely Need In Your Bug Out Bag

Posted on: 5 December 2017

It seems that natural disasters are becoming more and more common and because of that, you need to do everything you can to prepare. Bug out bags are great things to have in case you need to evacuate due to a natural disaster. This type of emergency kit won't do you any good, however, without having certain items in it. Here are four things you absolutely need in your bug out bag.


While it's debatable how long you can survive without water, it's a fact that your body contains about 60% of this liquid substance. This simply means that your body needs water and without it, your health can quickly deteriorate, especially if you are stuck in hot, dry conditions. For these reasons, your bug out bag should contain bottled water.


It's true you can last much longer without food than you can water. In case of an evacuation however, you are going to want to keep your energy up, which means you will need food in your bug out bag. To keep your energy at optimum levels, the food should contain adequate amounts of protein. Some great options would be protein bars or beef jerky. If you want to add backpack meals to your bug out bag, you will need to have access to boiled water.


Having adequate protection from the wind, sun, and rain will also keep you as healthy as possible. This shelter doesn't have to be anything fancy, just enough to keep you warm and dry and allow you a place to sleep. Having a tent or tarp in your bug out bag is definitely a must-have, and if you want to sleep even more comfortably, you can include a sleeping pad or a sleeping bag.


Having the right clothing to wear can also help keep you dry and protected from the weather and harsh elements. Here are some types of clothing you will want to include:

  • A comfortable and sturdy pair of boots (waterproof would be best)
  • Socks that aren't made out of cotton
  • Long underwear
  • A waterproof jacket that will keep you warm
  • A hat

You may be tempted to take a lot more clothing than this, but remember to pack only the essential pieces of clothing so you'll have room for other things you'll need.

By having water, food, shelter, and clothing, all of your basic needs will be met in case disaster strikes.