Benefits Of Fishing From The Shore

Posted on: 21 February 2018

If you're just getting into fishing and are excited to pursue it as a hobby, it's important to know that you don't have to head out onto the open water. While fishing from a boat has a lot of advantages, there's absolutely nothing wrong with grabbing your fishing gear, heading to a lake or river, and fishing from the shore. In fact, this approach can be especially advantageous for beginners, and you may find that you prefer this type of fishing to being in a boat. Here are some benefits of fishing from the shore.

It's Less Hassle

Many anglers find that shore fishing is desirable because there's very little hassle to it. While it can be a considerable amount of work to load a fishing boat and your gear onto a trailer, drive to the nearest marina, and launch the boat, shore fishing is as simple as driving or walking to a body of water, standing on the edge, and casting your line. You can be catching fish from the shore well before an angler using a boat is even on the water.

It's Better For Your Fundamentals

Fishing from a boat has some challenges, especially for the novice. For example, it can be difficult to cast properly in a boat, especially if you're sharing the space with others. Casting is integral to successful fishing, as you need to be able to place your lure where you want it. When you practice fishing from the shore, you'll have no obstacles around you that prohibit you from casting properly.

It's Safer

Fishing from a boat is usually safe if you take the right precautions, but it definitely carries more of a risk than fishing from the shore. Issues with your boat, rougher waters away from shore, and other similar issues can increase the risk of an accident or an injury when you're fishing with a boat. Generally, there's little to no risk of any sort of injury when you're fishing from the shore.

It's More Sociable

In many cases, you'll have an opportunity to meet other fishing enthusiasts when you fish from the shore. While it's poor fishing etiquette to crowd other anglers along the shore, people will often stop to talk to you, and you can do the same. This exchange can give you some tips about how prolific the fish are, as well as what lures people are using successfully.