Answers O Important Concerns About Water Pipes

Posted on: 7 March 2018

Water pipes are common smoking devices that can provide individuals with a unique taste and experience. Unfortunately, many people may simply be uninformed when it comes to owning one of these pipes, and this can cause them to experience more problems than necessary. Improving your understanding when it concerns water pipes will enable you to better ensure that your experience using your water pipe will be as enjoyable as possible.

Will A Water Pipe Be At Risk Of Shattering Due To The Heat?

Some individuals will be concerned about using a water pipe as they may be concerned that it will shatter. However, the glass that is used in these pipes is designed to be extremely durable when it is exposed to heat. In fact, a properly tempered glass pipe may be less inclined to suffer wear and tear than pipes that are made from wood or other materials.

How Do You Clean The Glass Pipe?

When you use your water pipe, it will start to collect a residue from the materials that are being burned in it. This resin can have very detrimental effects on your experience using the pipe due to a foul taste that it can impart. After each use of the pipe, you may find that using a cotton swab to remove as much residue and ash as possible can greatly reduce these issues. Eventually, you will need to do a deep clean of the pipe, and this can be accomplished by soaking it in alcohol for several hours. After several hours passed, you should flush the water pipe with hot water to remove any resin that failed to dissolve and any residual alcohol.

How Often Should You Change The Water?

The water that is in these pipes can be effective at improving the taste of the smoke by removing many of the impurities from it. However, it will need to be regularly changed if its effectiveness is to remain constant. For the best results, you should replace the water every time that you use the water pipe. Some individuals may find that the smoke is still too harsh for them after it as passed through this water. You may be able to enhance your enjoyment of using the water pipe by placing a few pieces of ice in the water before you smoke from it. This will drastically cool the smoke and air that you inhale from the pipe, which can drastically improve your comfort.