Visiting Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries? Use These Tips

Posted on: 21 December 2018

If you'll be in Colorado or another state with recreational cannabis dispensaries, you might feel eager about getting to legally purchase cannabis for your personal use. However, because these dispensaries are still new and you've probably never been before, rookie mistakes are very possible. Luckily, with patience and recommendations like these, your transaction can proceed and you can partake safely and legally.

1-Bring ID

Just like when you purchase alcohol and cigarettes, proving your age is critical for every purchase. If you leave your ID at your hotel or elsewhere, be advised that without it, you won't be permitted to walk out with anything. If you're staying with relatives or friends native to the state, you may ask if they want to check out the dispensaries with you; they may get discounts.

2-Bring Cash 

A surprising aspect of buying at dispensaries is that they're typically unable to process credit cards. This means that you'll have to have cash on you or use the dispensary's ATM. This machine will likely charge fees, so it's easier to just stop somewhere beforehand and get as much cash as you think you'll spend.

3-Don't Go Overboard

The supply in most dispensaries is more potent than expected for many people. Therefore, on your first visit, you might want to purchase only a small amount rather than going overboard and having a terrible experience. You can always return for future purchases.

Buying just a small amount is especially important because you cannot, by law, take any cannabis out of the state. You could risk arrest if you make an attempt.

4-Explore Edibles

Dispensaries might carry products you've never seen before, including different kinds of edibles. Lollipops, gummies, and hard candies in these places will also include cannabis and you may find that you prefer them to other products.

4-Wait Until You're Indoors

The excitement which has built around being able to legally visit and buy from cannabis dispensaries has allowed many to not really think about laws. You may not even realize that it's still illegal in most cases to use cannabis products in public. Even on federal lands, you cannot use any cannabis product. You have to get to a private residence or a commercial establishment that supports such usage before using it in any way.

These pointers keep you avoid criminal trouble and enable you to enjoy your cannabis purchases. Talk with dispensary staff, like those at Have a Heart, for more sensible recreational cannabis advice.