3 Reasons Why Your New Dispensary Needs Point Of Sale Software

Posted on: 24 March 2019

If you are setting up a marijuana dispensary in a state where it is now legal for recreational purposes, you likely have a lot of work ahead of you. You'll have to carefully follow the letter of the law to ensure that all of your transactions are on the up and up. One thing that could definitely help you stay on the right side of the law is dispensary POS software. Here's how this software can help your business.

Meet Legal Requirements

Laws for selling medicinal and recreational marijuana vary by state. Some states may have strict requirements that can include asking for ID from anyone who buys for you and then tracking what they purchase.

Point of sale software can help make this process much easier for you. You can literally scan the customer's license or ID into your system and then create an account that tracks each purchase the customer makes. If the government ever comes calling to conduct an inspection of your business, you can show that you have everything written down in detail.

Tracking Assistance for an Investigation or Health Scare

Today's modern dispensary POS software is also designed to provide contact and tracking information when needed. For example, if word gets out that a certain strain of marijuana is proving to be dangerous, the government might order all of it to be taken off of the shelf. At the same time though, you will want to reach out to any customers who already purchased the recalled product.

POS software allows you to input customer contact information that can be used specifically for this purpose. If the health scare is widespread, this information can also help the government ensure that the problem does not spread further.

Stay on Top of Supply and Demand

A point of sale system doesn't just ring the customer out when they are ready to buy. It also tracks exactly how much of each product is being sold so you can keep a constant up to date view of your current inventory.

If one particular item is moving fast, the POS system can alert you and allow you to order more before you run out. As the marijuana industry grows, the various options available will continue to expand, and an advanced POS system can help you stay organized.

Don't open your new dispensary without first installing POS software to help track your inventory and your sales. Dispensary POS software can keep you in compliance with the government and ready to react to any situation with the inventory in your store