3 Benefits Of Investing In A Triple Axle Tilt Trailer For Your Landscaping Business

Posted on: 23 May 2019

There are a variety of benefits to take advantage of by investing in a triple axle tilt trailer for your landscaping business. So if you haven't yet invested in one, now might be a good time to consider doing so. Here are just a few benefits of making an investment in a triple axle tile trailer.

Save Some Time and Money

One great reason to invest in a triple axle tilt trailer is to save your landscaping company some valuable time and money. With such a big trailer at your disposal, you will be able to transport more mulch, soil, and other landscaping materials at one time, which will save you money on transportation costs and save you some production time throughout the day.

You can also remove more compost and debris for customers in one load than if you were using a basic landscaping trailer, which will save you money on things like gas and labor. Those savings can then be passed on to your customers, which is something they're sure to appreciate and will want to take advantage of again in the future.

Expand Your Service Offerings

By investing in a triple axle tilt trailer, you can expand your landscape company's service offerings and therefore increase your profit margins throughout the year. Instead of having to refer your customers to a third-party provider to have trees and other large landscaping features delivered, you can deliver the items yourself.

You can transport large boulders, pond making materials, and even fencing materials to a job site which may not be possible without the help of a triple axle tilt trailer. This should make it possible for you to bid on more jobs in your community than you can now if you aren't already able to transport such large items.

Easily Promote Your Business

A triple axle tilt trailer can help you easily promote your business throughout your community and attract more attention from prospective customers as time goes on. You can hang banners on the sides and back of the trailer itself and advertise your business every time the trailer hits the road. You can also use the trailer to participate in parades in your community–just decorate it for the occasion and recruit friends and family members to ride on the trailer during the parade.

Use the trailer as a small stage for local concerts, or offer hayrides in a park to community members during the holiday season. The promotion options are almost limitless when you're thinking outside of the box!