Three Ways To Work On Your Hitting At A Baseball Training Center

Posted on: 10 February 2021

One of the best things about going to a baseball training center is that you'll typically find a variety of different ways to work on each attribute of the game. If your hitting is something that you want to improve, the training center has a number of batting cages in which you can perform different drills. Each type of drill gives you the ability to focus on different parts of your swing, and frequent dedication to each of these training methods can help you to be confident and competent when you step into the batter's box in a game.

Soft Toss

Soft toss is a hitting drill that is valuable for players at every level of the game. In this drill, you assume your normal batting stance, but instead of looking for pitches coming from the direction of the mound, an instructor kneels in front of you and tosses balls underhanded into the strike zone. This is a useful drill for working on your swing mechanics — and, because an instructor is just feet away from you, they will be able to make recommendations about little things you can tweak to improve your bat speed, increase your reach, or otherwise get better.

Pitching Machine

Another hitting drill that you'll enjoy practicing at your local baseball training center is hitting off a pitching machine. You have the ability to adjust the machine so that it's delivering the ball at a suitable rate of speed. Ideally, you can match this setting to the typical pitchers' speed in your league. Many advanced pitching machines are also capable of throwing such pitches as curveballs and sliders, so you can choose either of these settings and work on hitting these challenging pitches.

Live Pitching

Training sessions at a baseball training center also give you the ability to hit off a live pitcher. This is the best way to simulate game action and is beneficial for developing your timing. When you partner with the pitcher, you can make certain requests — for example, you may want them to throw breaking balls that cross the bottom of the strike zone, as this might be a type of pitch that gives you trouble during games. As always, an instructor can monitor your hitting session and make recommendations that will help you. For example, the instructor might suggest that you slightly adjust your position in the batter's box if the pitcher is throwing especially hard.

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