Nutrition Plans For High School Athletes

Posted on: 10 August 2021

If you're a high school athlete or you're a parent with a high school athlete, staying at the top of the game requires careful planning and dedication. Nutrition plans for high school athletes can help them recover from training, prepare for competitions, and promote a more mindful approach to nutrition.

Here are some of the ways that a nutrition plan can help high school athletes live healthier lives, while also excelling athletically.


High school athletes have unique demands. From growing into their bodies to managing their busy lives, a nutrition plan can help high school athletes optimize their recovery.

Practices and Competitions

After exercising your body, you have a small window to repair muscle damage and replenish energy stores. If you miss this window, your body can spiral into a debt cycle that makes you feel more tired and less prepared for the next thing on your schedule. A nutrition plan for high school athletes can prescribe portable meal options to the advantage of the short recovery window. From pre-packaged smoothies loaded with protein, fruits, vegetables, fiber, and healthy fats to snack pouches of nuts, fruit, seeds, and other goodies, a nutrition plan can help your high school athlete recover. Additionally, the best nutrition plan providers can educate your high school athlete about why recovery is so important and the choices they can make to improve how they feel and perform.


Preparing your body to perform at the highest level can be difficult for high school athletes. Nutrition plans can design meal plans tailored to the needs of your high school athlete.


When many high school athletes think about fueling for a competition, they think about their dinner the night before a big game or race. Although this meal is important, fueling for peak performance should encompass everything you eat in the days and hours leading up to your competition. Nutrition plans for high school athletes offer meal planning suggestions that are designed to take a more holistic approach to fueling for a competition. This means focusing on the breakfast, snacks, and hydration needs in the days leading up to the competition.


A high school athlete's diet can be a bi-product of their environment and habits. Nutrition plans for high school athletes can help them become more mindful about their choices and habits.

Food Logs

Many nutrition plans for high school athletes with a food log component. This food log asks your high school athlete to log everything they eat or drink for a week. A nutritional plan expert can review the log and make suggestions to promote a more mindful approach to eating and drinking.