5 Types of Commercial Safes to Consider

Posted on: 13 October 2021

Worried about theft or robbery? If your club, organization, or business handles cash, sensitive documents, or expensive equipment, investing in a commercial safe helps you keep valuable or confidential items secure. There are numerous styles of commercial safes that you can choose from. Here are some common types to consider. 

1. A Burglar and Fire Safe

A burglar and fire safe is constructed from materials that are capable of withstanding a fire for a specific period of time. For example, if you purchase a 2-hour fire safe, this means that the safe can withstand temperatures and conditions associated with fire for two hours. 

These safes require a combination to access the contents. They also give you the option to bolt the safe to the floor, making it more difficult for a burglar to steal the whole safe. 

Burglar and fire safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The inside is usually an open design that allows you to add racks or shelves so that you can customize the storage to your needs. 

Use a burglar and fire safe to secure an assortment of items, including business documents and currency. 

2. A Depository Safe

Does your organization need a secure spot where members can pay their dues or drop off documents? A depository safe is an excellent option.

With a depository safe, individuals make a deposit into a slot. The design of the safe and the slot prevents anyone from accessing the contents until the safe is opened. 

3. A Locking Fire Cabinet

Your group may have paperwork and documents that it needs to protect. Check out a locking fire cabinet. The design frequently includes drawers, making it easy for you to organize the contents. Or, opt for a design that incorporates a cabinet so that you can store equipment or larger items. 

4. A Cell Phone Storage Safe

If your customers or members need a spot to secure their cell phones or wallets during their activities, a cell phone storage safe is a great choice. This safe's design incorporates multiple small compartments that each have their own fixed or resettable combination. 

5. A Custom Safe

Not finding a safe that has everything you need? Design a custom safe that incorporates multiple elements from other types of commercial safes into a single design. 

You can choose your material, your combination or lock options, and accessories for the interior of the safe. Once you've finalized the design, you may order multiple custom safes so that you have one at all your company or group's locations.

To learn more about your safe options, contact a company like Security Centers Inc.