Marlin Fishing: All You Need To Know

Posted on: 2 December 2021

Marlin or billfish fishing is an exciting water sport that challenges the angler since Marlin fish are aggressive, fast, and large. The main species are the blue, black, and striped marlin. This type of fish loves warm waters, and you should consider fishing during the warm seasons of the year. Since marlin fishing is challenging and exciting, you need to understand the entire process. Here's everything you should know about marlin fishing.

How to Catch Marlin

Generally, you cast a reel with a hook or bait in the water when you want to catch small fish species. This may not work for billfish as they're predatory and aggressive. Hence, you need to use the trolling fishing method. The technique entails casting out several lines with bait on lures to attract the marlin. You can use the following ways to attract the fish:

Artificial Lures

Artificial lures work best during marlin deep sea fishing since the trolling speeds are higher than average speeds. These lures fall far behind the boat and create natural movements that attract the marlin offshore.

Live Bait

You can also use live bait during marlin fishing since the species are predatory and love small tuna. However, troll slowly when using live bait since high trolling speeds may result in the death of your live bait. But, ensure you hook the bait well to prevent the marlin from catching the bait without getting hooked. However, live bait is ideal for use in smaller fishing areas around buoys with a dense fish population.

You should expect marlin to fight back when you catch them. Hence, use the best tackle, including reels and rods, to prevent the fish's pull from overpowering you on the end of the fishing line. In this regard, check the tackle's condition. For instance, inspect the reel's drag system to ensure that your reel is strong enough to tame the marlin. Fishing boats usually provide adequate tackle to help you fish successfully.

Finding the Right Fishing Boat Charter Service

As an angler, you need a fishing boat that's in good condition for you to catch marlin. Therefore, research to find affordable charter boat services with positive reviews. The services provide the required boat size, fishing equipment, and a professional angler to help you during the marlin fishing process.

How to fish marlin and finding the right fishing boat charter service sums up all you need to know about marlin fishing. Consider this information to embark on your billfish fishing adventure confidently.