Go Fishing: A Guide For Anglers Of All Levels

Posted on: 31 August 2023

Beyond simply casting a line into the water, fishing can be as complex or as simple as you make it. From the peaceful allure of fly fishing to the excitement of deep-sea fishing, let's delve into the various methods that you can explore.

Freshwater Fishing

This is perhaps the most accessible form of fishing, perfect for beginners and those who prefer calm waters. Popular in lakes, rivers, and ponds, freshwater fishing offers several techniques.

Spin Fishing

Ideal for beginners, spin fishing involves using a spinning reel and rod to cast lures or live bait. It's versatile and can be done from a stationary position on land or from a boat.

Fly Fishing

This technique is often considered an art form and is popular in streams and rivers. Special rods, reels, and weighted lines are used to cast artificial flies that mimic insects, enticing the fish to bite.

Ice Fishing

Primarily a cold-weather activity, ice fishing involves cutting a hole in a frozen body of water to access fish beneath the ice. It's often a social event, complete with tents and heaters for comfort.

Saltwater Fishing

For those near the coast, saltwater fishing offers an entirely different set of challenges and opportunities, from surf fishing to deep-sea adventures.

Surf Fishing

This is done from the shoreline or wading in shallow waters. With a long rod, anglers cast a bait or lure into the surf, targeting species that come close to shore.

Pier Fishing

For those without a boat, piers offer an excellent vantage point for saltwater fishing. Common catches include mackerel, sea bass, and occasionally, larger fish like sharks.

Deep-Sea Fishing

For the more adventurous, chartering a boat to venture into the deep ocean can result in catches like marlin, tuna, and swordfish. This form of fishing is heavy-duty and often requires specialized gear.

Tournament Fishing

Fishing isn't always a solitary or leisurely activity; it can also be competitive. Many places hold fishing tournaments for species like bass, walleye, or salmon, often with significant prizes for the biggest catch.


In this method, fish are shot with specialized archery equipment. It's often used to control invasive species and can be done both day and night.


This involves diving underwater and using a spear or spear gun to catch fish. While it's one of the oldest forms of fishing, it's gained a modern following among free-diving enthusiasts.

Handline Fishing

In its most rudimentary form, fishing can also be done using just a line and hook held in the hand, often used in survival situations or for extremely shallow waters.