Common Eye Injuries Sustained On ATVs

Posted on: 18 March 2018

Riding an ATV is a thrilling way to pass your time. The speed of racing down the track or off the beaten trail, the excitement of hitting those jumps just right—all of this is great unless you wind up injured. This is one reason why the most important thing you can do as an ATV rider is to invest in the proper riding gear, especially where eye protection is concerned. The eyes are easier injured than many other parts of the body because they are essentially just soft tissue. Here is a brief look at the common types of eye injuries that can occur during ATV riding.

Orbital Fractures

The eye socket contains a series of small bones that hold the eyeball in the proper position. These bones, just like other bones throughout your body, can be broken by force, and the force does not have to be as great as what you may expect. If you experience an orbital fracture, it can cause your eye to move around in the socket in abnormal ways. These injuries are most often associated with incidents when a rider is thrown from their vehicle from a great height or with great projectile force. An orbital fracture can require a series of surgeries to repair, and can involve permanent disfigurement in severe cases.

Eyelid Lacerations

Eyelid lacerations are one of the most common types of injuries sustained during ATV accidents, and they can happen fairly easily. If a piece of flying debris slams into your face while you are zipping down a gravel track, your immediate reaction will be to close your eyes, which will cause the debris to cut the lid. If an eyelid laceration is deep enough, the cornea of the eye can be damaged as well. 

Ruptured Globe

Although less common than orbital fractures and eyelid lacerations, ruptured globe injuries can occur with blunt force trauma to the eye. This condition disrupts the outer membranes of the eye in such a way that the sclera or corneal tissue becomes detached. A ruptured globe can permanently damage your vision since damage to the retina is often associated with the trauma. These kinds of injuries often come from severe accidents when a rider is not wearing a helmet and their eye sustains a massive blow. For example, if you were to slip off of your bike during a jump and the handlebar pushed hard against your eye.

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